[Koha] ISBN discrepancy for Amazon content

Betsy Dintaman bdintaman at lcc.lt
Wed Oct 15 21:21:12 NZDT 2008

I understand in order to get the Amazon content, we must use only 10-digit ISBNs in a bib record. Was it ever determined whether this is an Amazon or a Koha problem? More and more books have only 13-digit numbers, what are the implications of having only the 10-digit numbers in for future use of perhaps another source of enhanced content?
When the 10-digit ISBN won't work, or when there is only a 13-digit number, I check the item on the Amazon website and often find an ISBN number listed that is nowhere on the book, though the cover, book, edition. etc. is clearly the correct one. I'm uncomfortable with using an ISBN in the record that doesn't correspond with anything in the book, but I want the picture!  Advice?
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