[Koha] Item type appears twice

Doug Dearden dearden at sarsf.org
Wed Oct 15 06:23:40 NZDT 2008

Hello all,

I am doing a new install on Ubuntu 8.04, Koha 3.0 beta 2 and have Koha up and
running.  I am trying to import records that have been exported from a Follett
system.  These have an 852 record with info that Koha uses in the 952 record.  I
am running a script against these to copy the 852 record into the 952 record,
and add a 942c field with an item type description based on info from the LDR
field.  When I run bulkmarkimport.pl against a test file, I wind up with the
Item type description repeated when viewing in the Normal view on the OPAC.  For
instance, on the holdings tab under Item Type it will say "DVDs, VHS DVDS, VHS".
 If I import a record with a 942c field filled in but no 952 record, I get
Holdings (0) and nothing listed.  If there is a 952 record but no 942c field, I
get Holdings (1) but no Item Type listed at all.

A couple of notes, while doing the install I did install the Zebra option, but
later chose not to use it (small database on old hardware).  After the import I
am successfully running rebuild_nozebra.pl.  I haven't changed any of the
defaults in the configuration, other than to create the library.  I am using the
default item type codes.

Any idea why item type would double up?



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