[Koha] Koha and ILL?

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Mon Oct 6 21:31:06 NZDT 2008

"Magnus Enger" <magnus at enger.priv.no> wrote:
> I remember that some time ago a company called Relais International released
> their ILL software as Open Source - so maybe this means ILL is seen as a
> stand-alone application, rather than something that should be integrated into
> the ILS?  http://www.relais-intl.com/relais/home/index.htm

I've seen ILL implemented as checking out to an ILL "borrower" even on
"big name" systems.  I'm sure we could do better, but I'm not aware of
current ILS-ILL standards.  Are there any particularly useful ones?

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