[Koha] downloading reports to excel

Lexa Long llong at shepherd.edu
Fri Oct 3 03:12:05 NZDT 2008

I sent the email earlier.  Nicole said there is a patch to fix this
problem but I still do not know how to accomplish this.  Can anyone help
me solve this issue.


Thank you.  



I am a new user to Koha 3.0000107 acquisitions. 


Today my problem is guided reports.  I got the report constructed and
run.  Only the first part of the report showed on the screen.   I need
to check to see if I have entered some titles as I am entering material
purchased before we began using Koha acquisitions. The report on screen
showed only page 1 and did not indicate there were other pages.  Since I
could not see it on screen I wanted to download it.


I then tried to download the report to excel but got an error message.
The message was Error exporting report. When I had my test server that
feature worked okay.


Am I missing something somewhere?  Is this a step in the install?  I do
not have a programmer and the person that installed the program is no
longer here.  I may be able to get some help on campus if I know how to
fix the problem.


Thank you.


Lexa V. Long

Acquisions Associate

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Shepherds University

P. O. Box 5001

Shepherdstown, WV   25443

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llong at shepherd.edu


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