[Koha] Add new record error‏ mysql error

Jesse Weaver jesse.weaver at liblime.com
Wed Nov 26 08:07:44 NZDT 2008

2008/10/27 yoozoo niki <yoozoo1980 at hotmail.com>

>  Hi every one
> i was sent an error in mysql database and no body send any solutions the
> error was when i save any record and search didn't found any records i have
> error in (marc word)  could any one help me
>  *the orginal mail was ::
> *i'm using koha 2.2.8 on winxp and i have problem with 3 files (marc word)
> in my samlpe when i add new record and save it no problem in this but when i
> making search for any other records the all data one system disappear ,the
> all cataloging data alright in mysql tabels but when i search it on koha
> no results , i found the problem in marc word but failed to correct it any
> help. i'm using mysql 4.1 .
> my marc word file (50 M.B) is it the problem i don't think that's the
> problem . please i need help for my problem i can't do any new cataloging.
> thank you
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It sounds like you imported your records through the administration
interface. You'll need to run the bulkmarcimport.pl script that comes with
Koha in a Command Prompt.

Jesse Weaver
Software Developer, LibLime
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