[Koha] Deleting MARC Frameworks

Ramon Andinach custard at westnet.com.au
Mon Mar 31 22:36:28 NZDT 2008

Hi there,

As I don't have a librarian handy, while going through working things  
out I set up additional MARC Frameworks to mirror the Item Types (of  
which we defined 15). Now that I understand what's involved with MARC  
Frameworks better, I see that this is not necessary so I'm trying to  
delete some of these unnecessary frameworks. Whichever one I select  
says "This framework is used 312 times." and won't delete.

It can't be that the framework is used by 312 different records,  
because there's only 20-odd items in the catalogue at the moment. Does  
this refer to the different MARC fields it the framework?

Could someone please explain this message and how one would go about  
deleting unneeded MARC Frameworks?


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