[Koha] installing Koha on Windows

phred phred at philobiblios.net
Wed Mar 26 03:07:27 NZDT 2008

This may be more appropriate for the koha-win list, but since it came up 
here, I'll try asking: 

When working with the Windows version, what do I need to configure to make 
the Intranet interface available from other computers on the network? I 
installed Koha 2.2.9 for Windows on one computer, currently, 
and if I type the IP address into my browser on, I get the 
opac screen. If I type :8080 at the end of the address, I get the same 
thing. I looked through the archives and and the Koha on Windows 
instructions, but didn't find what I was looking for. It works just fine on 
the computer running Koha, so I know the software is working; (I hope) it's 
just the configuration that needs tweaking. 

Any suggestions? 


Fred King
phred at philobiblios.net 

Chris Nighswonger writes: 

> On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 11:49 AM, Kim LaMarre <canplib at canaan.lib.me.us> wrote:
>> Greetings, 
>> I would like to install Koha on my current Windows XP machine for my small
>> library.  Will Koha 3 work on Windows?
> Koha 3 on Windows support is not complete at the present time.
> Considerable work has been invested into it, but a couple of key Perl
> modules have yet to be compiled. Hopefully this will come about in the
> not to distant future. 
> In the meantime, you can grab a copy of 2.2.9 for Windows here:
> http://www.koha.rwjr.com/ 
> Kind Regards,
> Chris 
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