[Koha] [Koha-devel] Re: Install on Debian Etch

Joshua Ferraro jmf at liblime.com
Thu Mar 20 08:36:44 NZDT 2008

Hi Harry,

I'd suggest we move this question to the koha developer's list (CCed).
Comments below:

On 2/20/08, harry wykman <harrybw at iinet.net.au> wrote:
> I am running Debian ETCH.
> I have followed the install instructions as well as installing requisite
> items using CPAN.  I cannot, however, install the last couple. Having
> run 'perl Makefile.PL', at the end I get:
> [Mon Feb 18 21:43:35 2008] Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite DBD::mysql
> 4.004 not found. We have 3.0008.
> [Mon Feb 18 21:44:05 2008] Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite
> XML::LibXSLT 1.59 not found.
> Writing Makefile for koha
> In attempting to install these in CPAN I get the following errors:
> cpan> install DBD::mysql
> Running install for module DBD::mysql
> Running make for C/CA/CAPTTOFU/DBD-mysql-4.006.tar.gz
>   Is already unwrapped into directory /root/.cpan/build/DBD-mysql-4.006
>   Makefile.PL returned status 512
> Running make test
>   Make had some problems, maybe interrupted? Won't test
> Running make install
>   Make had some problems, maybe interrupted? Won't install
DBD::mysql most certainly has some unfulfilled dependencies if you install
it from CPAN. I would work from the INSTALL.debian file, rather than the
INSTALL file for your Koha installation, it has specific instructions for how
to prepare the dependencies on Debain Etch -- in short, you need to install
the package maintainers version of DBD::mysql (apt-get install

> make: *** [blib/arch/auto/XML/LibXSLT/LibXSLT.so] Error 1
>   /usr/bin/make  -- NOT OK
> Running make test
>   Can't test without successful make
> Running make install
>   make had returned bad status, install seems impossible
The same applies here ... you really need to install the package maintainer's
version of XML::LibXSLT and XML::LibXML, etc. The INSTALL.debian
has some special instructions for this set of modules.

> Then when I run 'make install' I get:
> biblio:/home/harry/Desktop/koha-3.00.00-alpha# make install
> /usr/bin/perl "-Iblib/arch" "-Iblib/lib" fix-perl-path.PL blib
> chown: `koha:koha': invalid user
> make: *** [set_koha_ownership] Error 1
Are you working from the alpha or from a git repo with the latest snapshot?
Which target did you try to install from (standard, single, dev?)


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