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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Thu Mar 6 13:37:09 NZDT 2008

Christopher L Middleman wrote:

> I have been on the mailing list for a while and it has it good points 
> but I was wondering if maybe if it is time to start a forum board 
> instead.  This way whe could break up information into units such as 
> intalling, migration, updating, database, etc.  We could further break 
> down units like installing into Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat , 64 bit, etc.  
> In each of these sections we could add the latest install walk throughs 
> as a sticky at the top.  As people ecounter problems they could be 
> edited into the install guides.  The boards could speed up advice and 
> cut down on the amount of mail being sent out.

I am on many mailing lists. To attend to the discussions on those
lists all I have to do several times a day is dip into my mail

I do not in general have time to dip into dozens of fora, and do
not, as a rule. It is far too time consuming to troll through dozens
of sub-fora on many different websites, just so I can answer the odd
question or look for the odd answer.

Mailing lists and fora are completely different beasts and are not

I for one would read a lot less about Koha and its evolution if the
mailing list was replaced by a forum.


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