[Koha] Running OPAC and Intranet at the same time

Jesse pianohacker at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 10:38:33 NZDT 2008

> I'm running the Koha OPAC on port 3333 on my website, and the Intranet on
> port 3334.  Unfortunately (if I understand the rules for cookies correctly)
> it's not possible to have a cookie segregated to a certain website and a
> certain port number.

This is correct.

> As a result, I can't login and access both the Intarnet and OPAC site on
> the same browser.  For instance if I login as "kohaadmin" on the Intranet
> (port 3334), then login as "adams" on the OPAC (port 3333), the first cookie
> will be overwritten, and the Intranet site will complain that I'm now logged
> in as a non-administrative user (adams).

A possible workaround for this is to give adams superlibrarian rights.

> Right now, I've taken to accessing the Intranet on Firefox and the OPAC on
> MSIE to keep my logins separate.  But could this problem be solved if Koha
> used different cookie names for the two different sections?  e.g. instead
> of using CGISESSID everywhere, maybe use KOHAINET as the cookie name for the
> Intranet and KOHAOPAC for the OPAC site?
> Is this worth submitting an enhancement request over?

Possibly, but the usual solution would be vhosts (http://staff/ would be
your intranet, http://opac/, your OPAC).

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