[Koha] Some Koha Config Questions

Galen Charlton galen.charlton at liblime.com
Tue Jul 29 01:16:57 NZST 2008


On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 7:59 AM, Brendan A. Gallagher
<gallabr at biblio.org> wrote:
> I am interested in finding the settings for Zebra Keyword searching and what
> fields are searched -- I'm interested in adding some fields to the keyword
> search.
> Another Zebra question also - where can I control the Zebra Indexing and
> what fields are Indexed -- I'd like to add some local notes, etc.

Take a look at the following files, located in your Zebra
configuration directory /etc/koha/zebradb (for a standard-mode
install) or <KOHAROOT/etc/zebradb (for a dev-mode install):

biblios/etc/bib1.att - list of search indexes and their corresponding
Z39.50 use attributes

marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs - mapping of MARC fields to indexes

After you add or modify an index definition, run rebuild_zebra.pl -b
-r to recreate the indexes.

> Also - not sure if this is a Bug or some setting that I am missing.
> http://#####/cgi-bin/koha/admin/auth_tag_structure.pl?op=add_form?authtypecode=GENRE/FORM
> On the Home <> ›
> Administration <> ›
> Authority Types > (Any MARC that I choose to edit) > then When I click on
> New Tag (wanting to add a Tag) the form/page returned is completely Blank.
> (I am running Koha - on Debian Etch (all Perl modules
> installed)).

I was able to reproduce this bug in the current HEAD, so I've opened a
bug report for this:



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