[Koha] Superuser lost

Beda Szukics beda at muri-gries.ch
Fri Jul 25 16:41:53 NZST 2008

Joe Atzberger schrieb:
> There are some things that your are NOT supposed to be able to do as 
> the superuser (in your case, "koha") by design.  The superuser doesn't 
> have assignable privileges, because they are not a real user.  I.E., 
> they do not appear in the borrowers table at all, because their 
> account is required to *create* the borrowers table.
I am confused now. What's the superuser for it not to create new users 
and assign them the privileges they need to work properly?

In my actual installation of koha (wich I updated to 3.0RC1) there are 
(only) two users right now: koha and beda (the one I created during the 
installation process of 3.0beta2). Both do not have the ability to set 
privileges for others. So I think I am blocked and cant go further.

I had made two parallel installations of koha (beta2). The one I'm 
working with now I updated to RC1 (, the other one is still 
beta2 ( There I am still able to set the privileges. I 
think there must have been some mistake I did during the update process. 
But how correct it?


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