[Koha] DBText conversion to Koha--Patrons

Bob Ewart bob-ewart at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 23 03:29:21 NZST 2008

I'm in the process of converting our library from DBText to koha 3.00 
RC1 and have a couple of questions about the fields in the patron record.

I see address, city and zipcode for the addresses, but no state or 
country fields.  Being in south Florida, we do get a number of Canadians.

I'm also curious about why street number and street type are separate 

We also have a number of flags like 'mailing list' (which indicates 
whether or not the patron wants to get general mailings) which don't map 
to anything in the patron record.

What format should the dates have?  I don't have a sex or date-of-birth 
field (I'll probably use 1/1/1969 for date of birth which will make 
everyone 39 years old.  They're all adults.)

I see that the branch and category codes must be valid for importing 
patrons.  Are there any other fields that are required or checked.  I 
guess that cardnumber, zipcode and surname are required.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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