[Koha] small tool: db converter;)

Wojciech Zatorski listy-in at zatorski.net
Fri Jul 18 08:27:42 NZST 2008

Hello koha,

 I published small tool to convert old db (MAK, ISIS, BiblioInfo) to
 xml marc format for KOHA 2.x.
 I thought this may be helpful for other users of Koha.
 Please follow the link to obtain a php script:


# uniwkonwert.php <src_file> <dst_file> narodowa
BZCZ National Library (afer 2005) conversion (source file must be UTF-8

# uniwkonwert.php <src_file> <dst_file> teologia
Theology conversion from MAK (MARC BN)

# uniwkonwert.php <src_file> <dst_file> ikf
IKF database conversion from ISIS

# uniwkonwert.php <db_api:db_host:db_name:db_login:db_pass> <dst_file> biblczas
BiblioInfo conversion from  indirect conversion in MySQL tables.

# uniwkonwert.php <src_file> none checkchar
Check converted file for any char greater than 127 code

# uniwkonwert.php <src_file> none testfield
List of fields in MAK db source file

more info on my page:
http://www.zatorski.net/index.php?modul=kohamini&lang=pl (sorry only
polish version)


The Main Library of Szczecin University.
Computerization Department.

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