[Koha] Can't install Net::Z3950::ZOOM on openSUSE 11.0

Ricardo Dias Marques lists at ricmarques.net
Mon Jul 14 23:21:52 NZST 2008

Hi Bob,

On Sun, Jul 13, 2008, Bob Ewart <bob-ewart at earthlink.net> wrote:

> I've been following Ricardo's excellent "Installation Guide for
> Installing Koha 3 on openSUSE 11"
> http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=opensuse_11.0

Hey, that's me! Thank you very much for your compliment!  :)

> Net::Z3950::ZOOM fails even after installing the libyaz packages.
> I noticed that his guide showed version 1.21 and mine is 1.24.
> I could try forcing it, but thought I'd check with the list first.
> The output is:
> t/18-charset............ok
> t/19-events.............ok
> t/2-ZOOM................
> #   Failed test 'connection to non-existent host 'no.such.host' fails'
> #   at t/2-ZOOM.t line 20.
> # Looks like you failed 1 test of 23.
> [snip]

I never had that error before, so I searched the mailing list archives
for that error message ("Failed test 'connection to non-existent host
'no.such.host' fails' ").

I found out the following relevant message, posted by John Chadwick,
on 15-Jan-2008:

RE: failed to load Net::Z3950::ZOOM on ubuntu 'no.such.host'exists error

Here's what John Chadwick said:

" I had the same problem. I ended up doing an apt-get install libgcrypt
(if that doesn't work, try libcrypt-dev.

After installing, then install the Net::Z3950::ZOOM. "

So, it seems that we also need to install the libgcrypt package.
Considering that I never saw that error message when installing
Net::Z3950::ZOOM, I'm wondering if it's not a package dependency
installed by other package (possibly by libyaz-devel).

Maybe you have installed the libyaz package, but did NOT install the
libyaz-devel package? When you install the libyaz-devel package it
will also install several other package dependencies, namely:
zlib-devel, tcpd-devel, tack, libgpg-error-devel, ncurses-devel,
libopenssl-devel, libgcrypt-devel, readline-devel, libxml2-devel and
libxslt-devel (as I say in my tutorial / HOWTO). As you can see, at
least the libgcrypt-devel package gets installed (that should be
equivalent to the libcrypt-dev package in Ubuntu).

If you did install the libyaz-devel package it's possible that you
have to install the libgcrypt package separately (a thing that, as I
mention above, don't remember happening to me before).

In that case, try to install the libgcrypt package. The command should be:

# yast -i libgcrypt

After installing libgcrypt, install the Net::Z3950::ZOOM package again.

Please, report back later with the outcome of your installation.

Best wishes,
Ricardo Dias Marques
lists AT ricmarques DOT net

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