[Koha] 856u can't enter data

Carol Kresge carol.kresge at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 21:31:37 NZST 2008

I think I am missing something that I needed to set or link. We are setting
up KOHA 3.0 on Ubuntu I am trying to use MARC bibliographic framework CF for
general online resources, When I add a new record to the database that is a
website 856u is present but I can only type 2 letters into it, not a full
website address. Are there other subfields that I should have filled in or
links/parameters I should have set? When I go in to edit subfields in the CF
framework I see that its KOHA link is biblioitems.url which seems right and
I have checked the box that says it is a url. I'm not sure if something
should be in the Link field below the checkbox for the url. In item types
and circulations codes in administration I added <a href="[856u]">open
site</a> in the summary box which does show in a search record as an "open
site" link which right now links right back to the present page I have open
which is a list of search results for "hmong" (
http://koha-server:8080/cgi-bin/koha cataloguesearch.pl?q=hmong?  I'm rather
inexperienced and learning as I go so thanks for any help you can offer.

@ My Library
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