[Koha] Problem downloading from Z39.50 search

Joe Atzberger ohiocore at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 02:53:14 NZST 2008


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On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 10:02 AM, Paul Yachnes <yach at cox.net> wrote:

> When I download MARC records from Z39.50 search, some records are added
> just fine, and others are not. Some appear to be added to the database
> but are not searchable. If I attempt  to view those records in the
> "Normal" view, some or all of the data is missing, but I can see the
> entire record in the "Complete" view. If I look at the MySQL tables, I
> can see that data has been written to biblio and marc_biblio tables but
> no data has been written to the biblioitems and sometimes some of the
> other tables, such as bibliosubject. I can't find any reason for this,
> but it is completely consistent with specicific MARC records, If I have
> a problem with record, I have that problem no matter how many times I
> delete it and try to re-add it. Can anyone suggest what the problem
> might be and how how to fix this? Thank you.
> Paul
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