[Koha] KUDOS User Group meeting at PLA

Deb Bergeron bergeron at macalester.edu
Sat Jan 19 05:41:09 NZDT 2008

Good Morning!

Forgive the cross-posting.

It's time to begin planning the next KUDOS meeting at PLA. Based on the 
conversation from the KUDOS meeting at ALAMW08, we'd like to have the 

    * Break-out sessions for non-hosted Koha Users
    * Break-out session for hosted (via LibLime) Koha Users
    * The following agenda for all since we didn't get to it at the last
          o * Do we need a formal users group for Koha?
            * Develop a mission statement.
            * What type of structure do we need?
            * Form a committee of three to write a by-laws proposal.
            * Other issues.
            * Should there be a dues structure?
            * Schedule next meeting.

I'm looking for volunteers to help organize the PLA meeting.  Please let 
me know if you'd be interested in helping. You don't need to attend PLA 
to help.  I live in Minneapolis, so I'm available to attend the meeting 

Additionally, there is interest in having audio conferencing available 
on the day of the meeting as well.

If you are interested in helping to organize this meeting, please 
contact me before the end of the day Wednesday, January 30, 2008.

Thanks so much!


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