[Koha] KUDOS to use the Koha IRC Channel for virtual meetings

Rachel Hamilton-Williams rachel at katipo.co.nz
Fri Feb 8 14:18:41 NZDT 2008


Great to hear you're getting a users meeting together, thanks Deb :-)

For those of you who are going to join the meeting who haven't used IRC before a few
tips that might help...

You can of course use the cig off the Koha site, but dedicated software is generally
going to be better, more robust and less likely to crash on you just when it all gets

We have people who use vIRC, mIRC and xChat (and no doubt others) so feel free to ask
for help on list with your setup.

I'd recommend getting your irc software setup and have a bit of a practice before the
actual meeting. With a bit of IRC software you can set it to log the meeting so that
even if you're going to miss the start of the end you can read up on it later.

The default "readback" in IRC clients is generally 500 or so lines, I set mine to 5000
so that I can read back on a day/night of chat if I'm in the mood.

I look forward to catching up with some of you next week.

My preference is Mon/Tues/Friday BTW (which is Sun/Mon/Thursday) for USA.


> The Koha IRC channel will be used for our virtual meetings.  You can
> sign on via a link on the Koha site at http://koha.org/cgi-bin/irc.cgi.
> If you want to have a nickname or use your real name type '/nick
> yourname' without the quotes.
> So now that we have a place to meet, let's do it.  I'll throw out a few
> dates and times.  I'm trying to be congnizant of all time zones, so I'm
> thinking after 3pm EST, that gives the folks in NZ time to get to work
> and have coffee,  ;-)  and the folks on the west coast either at
> lunchtime or shortly afterwards.
> Any day next week, February 12-15 after 3pm EST.  Does this work for you?
> What shall we discuss?  Send topics.
> Here's  a few to get your juices flowing:
>     * what would you like to see the user group accomplish?
>     * what types of topics are of interest to you and your library?
>     * is there functionality in Koha you'd like to see added?
> Thanks,
> Deb
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