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Vimal --

On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 5:02 AM, vimal laxman <vimallaxman at gmail.com> wrote:

> 1.when i search for books through OPAC it says 'no results found' in
> catalogue(i have a few books which i imported using Z39.50 search)and error
> log says" biblio erro 109'.I know this is a basic issue but still i could
> not find out  a right solution.i followed all the instructions that were
> give in the INSTALL.debian file.devolopers in the community say it is a
> databse related issue.if so can you let me know how to check whether my
> database is set to  right encoding for Koha 3.0 to read.

When you run rebuild_zebra you have to remember to set and export KOHA_CONF
and PERL5LIB, but it sounds like you have done this.  Then, check your zebra
logs for additional information about the errno 109.

> 2.I dont have a barcode reader with me here.i wish to do the 'Check IN' and
> 'Check OUT' manually.one person suggested me that i map the barcode field in
> Administration->Koha to MARC Mapping->items->Barcode to a field of our
> choice .so i mapped it to ISBN.and i tried to Check Out a particular Patron
> by manually entering the ISBN number of a particular book that is available
> in the database.It says 'Barcode not foud'.is it possible for us to do it
> manually through keyboard withour using barcode reader ?.

I have already responded in this thread why it would be a bad idea to try to
use ISBN.  Even if you don't have a barcode scanner, it will still be more
reliable and easier for you to use a self-generated barcode manually than to
use the ISBN.  Even if you don't have a printer and you just use a
typewriter or a pencil, it will be easier than trying to use the ISBN.  If
you use incremental barcodes, then instead of having to key in at least 10
digits, it would be as small a number of keystrokes as possible.
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