[Koha] Backing up 3.0

Frederic Demians frederic at tamil.fr
Fri Dec 19 10:40:34 NZDT 2008

> Any thoughts on what files are essential to restore in the event of a 
> complete system crash?

I second Joe Atzberger analysis. Your backup policy must be adjusted on 
data update periodicity.

A good practice is to document backup AND restore. You must know and 
test by advance what you will have to do in case a restore is required. 
You may need a partial or a complete restore depending of situation: 
complete disk failure or just DB data corruption.

Don't forget that with Koha 3 indexes are built outside MySQL DB: in 
Zebra. You can't save Zebra indexes synchronically with MySQL DB. 
Hopefully, Zebra indexes can be rebuilt easily and almost quickly. You 
must know how to do it in a recover after crash scenario.

Other systems are also possible involving disk partitioning and mirroring.


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