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  I am not so sure if we can say it does not support a digital library. It depends on waht a digital library means. 

  If you need to seach biblographic records and acess documents you can use KOHA wich allow links for files (PDF and others) and maintain library standards. 


  Citando Jo Ransom <hfields19 at gmail.com>: 

>  HI there,  You might be interested in http://kete.net.nz[1] which is a digital library, open source, based on Zebra, developed by Katipo Communications who developed Koha.  cheers Jo Ransom.   
>  On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 2:18 AM, shriram pandey <ram.mlib at gmail.com[2]> wrote: 
>   Dear collegues,   I instlled koha3.0 successfully on ubuntu 8.4 and working smoothly.But i want to use koha as a digital library.Is koha have feature to upload full text(PDF etc) and seach full text?.Because it based on zebra indexing, can zebra index the full text and can we search full text throgh OPAC.  
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