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Alejandro Tiraboschi altiraboschi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 03:31:33 NZST 2008

We have some questions about the management of authorities.
We are running Koha 3.00 and the manual have not to much lines about

We have:
Home › Administration › System Preferences > Authorities >
BiblioAddsAuthorities = OFF
Home › Administration › System Preferences > Authorities > dontmerge = ON

1) Are there plans to implement a Z39.50 client for authorities on Koha?
2) Why sometimes authority search works and sometimes not? The authority
records actually are in the mysql database.
3) When I delete a duplicated authority record and  I search a term of this
record I get an error screen. In fact, before I deleted some duplicated
authorities I could do successful authority searches, later I get an error
screen,  then I run rebuild_nozebra.pl. Now,  there is not error screen but
authority search don't  work.   Why?

Thank you in advance,

Alejandro Tiraboschi
Universidad Nacional de Cordoba
OPAC: biblio.famaf.unc.edu.ar
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