[Koha] Thanks to Government of Kerala, and how to add your library to libwebcats

Tina Burger tina.burger at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 02:46:32 NZST 2008

Here's a thanks to the *Government of Kerala *for making their press release
available on http://librarytechnology.org

http://librarytechnology.org is a website run by a widely-read U.S.
researcher (Marshall Breeding) who tracks ILS usage across all continents.
Inclusion on his website results in more accurate reporting on Koha usage in
articles written by Marshall as well as other journalists and researchers
who use his site to gather data.

I encourage all who are using Koha or plan to use Koha to send press
releases to Marshall at:
marshall.breeding at vanderbilt.edu

... and to add their library/s to the libwebcats database on his website.

To add a library to libwebcats:

   - go to http://librarytechnology.org
   - 'register' by following the "Register" as an Library Technology Guides
   member at the bottom of the left hand column
   - after registering, click on 'libwebcats' (left hand column, 4th link
   - search for your library using the search box provided (someone may have
   already added you!)
   - if your library is not found, click 'submit a library'
   - fill out the form to the best of your ability and click 'submit entry
   to libwebcats' at the bottom of the page

Remember: Make sure to fill out the 'current automation field' with Koha so
the Koha statistics are accurate

If your company is not listed as a Koha provider, feel free to write
Marshall and request to be added.

Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions about this (I've
used his site many times!)


Tina N. Burger
VP Marketing, LibLime
449 East State St.
PO Box 892
Athens, OH 45701
(888) Koha ILS (564-2457) ext. 705
tnb at liblime.com

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