[Koha] converting records from reservoir to active db

Laura Phelps lphelps at rsu1.org
Fri Aug 1 00:21:21 NZST 2008


I am in the process of converting over from Winnebago CIRC/CAT to Koha and have imported a number of MARC records into the reservoir, but I have yet been unable to move them from the reservoir to the active database, so that they are listed as holdings in my library branch.  We've tried using the admin import option, as well as the bulkmarc import script, and the results are the same both times: the records successfully land in the reservoir, but not in the catalogue.  I have been able to move one record at a time from the reservoir to the catalogue, by using the "add biblio" feature, and although we're a small library (7000 records), it seems that there must be a more efficient way.

Many thanks, in advance, to anyone who might be able to help!


Laura Phelps
Phippsburg Elementary School
Phippsburg, ME.  04562

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