[Koha] Language Switch

FrŽedeŽric Demians frederic at tamil.fr
Mon Apr 28 18:39:41 NZST 2008

> I was wondering how one can change the user interface. I figured there is an option that we can just switch once we added two PO files (the one we translating off-line). But I could not that option anwhere under Adnistrator screen nor OPAC one. If not, maybe it's wish-list that we can add for the next release

You have to generate template files each time you modify PO files:

    * cd <koha-root>/misc/translator
    * ./install-code.pl <language-code>

Languages selectable in Koha OPAC/Staff interface are set by a system 
preference: Administration > System Preferences, I18/L10N tab, 
'language' preference.

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