[Koha] Koha won't load from browser

FrŽédéŽric Demians frederic at tamil.fr
Sun Apr 27 01:26:09 NZST 2008

> [thinking] I have successful installed Koha 3.0 Beta with all
> dependencies on Ubuntu 7.10 by following steps in INSTALL.debian.
> However, when I try to load Koha from the browser, it hangs. What are
> ways to test to make sure that [Koha] and its depencies] properly
> install and etc? Please suggest.
> http://locahost:8080 - won't load
> http://koha-server:8080 -won't load
> - by IP won't load

Is Apache default site loaded? Or do you have only a 'no connexion' 
message? Is Apache server started? You can verify with this command:

    ps -e | grep apache

You have to see several lines containing Apache process name.

If Apache is started, the correct address to point Koha site is : 
http://koha-server:8080 (your server real name). localhost or IP adress 
can't work. You have to verify that:

    * Server name is correctly resolved. 'koha-server' points to the server.
    * /etc/apache2/sites-available/koha contains your server name in
      ServerName directive.

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