[Koha] Reserve Error fixed... 1 error/bug left (for now)

Phil Lathroum plathroum at cardinalshehanschool.org
Tue Oct 30 04:39:12 NZDT 2007

OK... I downloaded MYSQL ADMINISTRATOR to try and fix the error in the
RESERVE LIST and it would not work...
It would not let me edit the data...
Do I Downloaded SQL-FRONT (formerly MYSQL-FRONT) and it worked like a
charm... I just added a date for when the reserve was cancelled and it
is gone from the list on the Intranet now...
Still need to know if there is a fix for Patrons not being able to see
what they have on reserve...
Philip Lathroum
        Technology Coordinator
        Cardinal Shehan School
           410-433-2775 x107
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