[Koha] Question about Amazon content

Dwayne Collins dcollins at prcsa.ca
Tue Nov 27 11:30:19 NZDT 2007

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the welcome! The libraries I'm working with are actually what 
one could almost call "amateur" libraries - it's a collective of 
student-run libraries at Trent University in Peterborough, ON 
(http://www.sadleirhouse.ca/library/). We're using Koha to help promote 
the great resource collections various student libraries have since, 
without online presence before now, no one knew about them.

Now back to the Amazon question...

Amazon.ca refers web developers back to the amazon.com developers 
programme and sign-up process, so that half of the equation seems to be 
the same. I would be interested in investigating this further to 
customise the content better. I've activated the Amazon content for now 
to see how it works using the regular amazon.com devkey and an amazon.ca 
associateID. It looks to me as though it is ignoring the latter 
completely and not registering it. Any ideas on how to move things over 
to the Canadian site given all of this?

Thanks a lot,

Joshua Ferraro wrote:
> Hi Dwayne,
> Great to meet you, and welcome to the community. Out of curiosity,
> which libraries
> are you running Koha for? Now to your question:
> On 11/25/07, Dwayne Collins <dcollins at prcsa.ca> wrote:
>> Hello Folks,
>> I'm running Koha for a small collective of libraries and I'm considering
>> turning on the Amazon content. Most of our users are likely to want to
>> use Amazon.ca rather than Amazon.com and I'm wondering if anyone knows
>> if we can use an Amazon.ca associate ID or does Koha only connect with
>> amazon.com (therefore needing to use the amazon.com associate programme)?
> At the moment, this feature is hard-coded to use amazon.com, and for
> the more advanced content (such as descriptions, reviews, ratings, you'll
> need to sign up with amazon's associate and developers programs (check
> the links in the system preferences). I'm not sure if Amazon.ca offers a similar
> service, if it does, let me know and I'd be happy to show you what you'd need
> to change to enable it. I'd also be happy to add an option for which TLD
> of amazon to use for an upcoming version of Koha.
> Cheers,

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