[Koha] barcodes- can ordinary printer be used?

Marty Jongepier bluejaydesign at sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 20 08:03:11 NZDT 2007

No, you do not need a special barcode printer. However, a different printer
can make quite a difference, I know from experience. We have had great
success with a cheap brother laser printer (HL-1230), but we could also read
barcodes printed with an Epson Stylus C84, and we used an old Canon laser
beast, until it broke, and that worked fine too.


Barcodes do need a bit of "white space" around them, our first labels were
too small but worked fine on a white or light background, and also on black
backgrounds, but anything in between would not work.


That being said, it can be your printer. We can print barcodes to PDF files
(we use kbarcode, see kbarcode.net) but even if they look identical to the
ones that are printed straight from the program, our stubborn barcode reader
refuses to read them. I talked to it, I've been nice, I've been not so nice,
but that has never worked that way. So we do not PDF them anymore.


Did you try reading other barcodes? Like you find on any product nowadays?


Hope this helps a bit,




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we have successfully intalled koha for windows 2.2.8 and we are currently
testing and customizing to fit our needs. 

we have generated some barcodes using the normal printer but these barcodes
cannot be read by the barcode reader. Do we have to use special printer to
print barcodes? please help. thanks

ken rotich

kenrotich2003 at yahoo.com



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