[Koha] koha3 install

mourik jan heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Tue Nov 13 22:59:20 NZDT 2007

Hello Joshua and list,

Thanks for replying. Attached is my koha.conf.xml, and below is the 
output again:

sles10:~/koha3/Koha # zebrasrv -c /usr/share/koha/etc/koha-conf.xml
10:03:02-13/11 [log] zebra_start 2.0.18 /usr/share/koha/etc/koha-conf.xml
10:03:02-13/11 [fatal] /usr/share/koha/etc/koha-conf.xml:1 missing colon 
after '<yazgfs>'
10:03:02-13/11 [fatal] Failed to read config 
sles10:~/koha3/Koha #

Mourik Jan

Joshua Ferraro wrote:
> Hiya Mourik,
> Glad you were able to install the snapshot ... can you attach your koha-conf.xml
> for us to see (probably best to sanatize the user/password info).
> Cheers,
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