[Koha] Re: how to delete a biblio entry

Mike Dalgity dalgity at htl.net
Fri Nov 9 02:03:21 NZDT 2007

If you know you've added 5 books as a test to a brand new install then the
record numbers assigned to them will be 1 thru 5.  If you want to delete
those 5 then you view and delete record 1, change the url to 2 and repeat
until they're all gone.  When adding the next biblio the number will not
start at the beginning again but where it last left off, in this case 6.
Does that help at all?

Mike D.

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Mike Dalgity wrote:
> In the intranet interface when viewing a biblio record in either Brief or
> MARC detail I see a "Delete Record" button that probably does what you
> (ie. delete all items and biblio record).  The other method I've used is

Okay. I will give this a shot.

> just modifying the url to take me through a series of records.  When
> a record it will have a url like:
> http://koha.liblime.com/cgi-bin/koha/detail.pl?bib=3516  Simply change the
> number at the end of the url and hit enter.  I haven't bothered to find a

I am not sure I understand what changing the number actually accomplish.
Could you explain a bit more?

> programmatical way to do it since I only create a few records when
> If you want to perform a larger test then I suggest you keep your test and
> production installs separate.

Right, that is another option. A lot of work, but should work. Still,
huge effort to accomplish such a little task.


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