[Koha] Re: how to delete a biblio entry

Mike Dalgity dalgity at htl.net
Thu Nov 8 15:25:14 NZDT 2007

In the intranet interface when viewing a biblio record in either Brief or
MARC detail I see a "Delete Record" button that probably does what you want
(ie. delete all items and biblio record).  The other method I've used is
just modifying the url to take me through a series of records.  When viewing
a record it will have a url like:
http://koha.liblime.com/cgi-bin/koha/detail.pl?bib=3516  Simply change the
number at the end of the url and hit enter.  I haven't bothered to find a
programmatical way to do it since I only create a few records when testing.
If you want to perform a larger test then I suggest you keep your test and
production installs separate.

Mike D.

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H.S. wrote:
> Hello,
> In Koha, how does one delete a biblio item? I am thinking of playing
> around with it a bit and entering some example biblios, but I want to
> remove them after I am done.
> thanks,
> ->HS

I have asked this twice and got no reply. Can I assume this cannot be
done in Koha?

Another option comes to mind, a work around. What if I make a branch for
testing purposes, called Testing? Can I delete a branch later on (and
all its contents will be deleted)?


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