[Koha] RE: Koha Digest, Vol 24, Issue 40

Cindy Murdock cmurdock at ccfls.org
Thu Nov 8 04:00:01 NZDT 2007

Actually, we were running Winnebago Circ/Cat, an old DOS-based program 
that our libraries had been running since 1991 or 92.  We tried 
migrating to Spectrum at one point but couldn't get it to work for us.  
I used the export applications that came with it, however, to get all of 
our data out except for the patron list (which I did by running a 
report) and the material records, which I exported though Circ/Cat's 
export utility.  I then used MarcEdit to do most of the processing of 
the materials.


Cindy Murdock
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Meadville Public Library    | CCFLS
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Kyle Hall wrote:
> Hello,
>   I work for the Crawford County Federated Library System, and I
> thought I'd let you know that we have been migrating successfully from
> Sagebrush Winnebago/Spectrum to Koha. You didn't mention which
> Sagebrush ILS you are using. I don't know if they are similar at all.
> I've written a set of scripts from tranistioning from Winnebago to
> Koha, and they are available under the GPL as part of the koha-tools
> project on sourceforge. A number of libraries have used them already,
> so they can't be that bad ; )
> Kyle

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