[Koha] Overdues notices and fines: what scripts are supposed to work?

Kevin O'Rourke lists at caboose.org.uk
Thu May 31 01:46:59 NZST 2007

Kyle Hall wrote:
> If you are interested, I've written alternative fines and overdues
> generators that are part of koha-tools (
> http://kylehall.info/index.php/projects/koha-tools/ ).
> The fines generator creates fines for an item upon the return of an
> item, rather then generating fines each night. That means that each
> item will only have one fine listed that totals the amount due, rather
> than a fine for each day overdue. This more closely emulates our
> previous ILS and our librarians preferred it.
That sounds very interesting.  Having to run cron jobs for things like 
fines is one of the parts of Koha that seems unnecessarily complicated 
to me.
> Both of them are written in PHP rather than Perl, and that's why I've
> kept them in a separate project rather than as part of the Koha
> repository.
I'm a little bit concerned about adding separate things like this to our 
Koha setup, especially when the download is only possible from a 
Subversion repository.

I can deal with all these things, but I'm only here until September so 
I'm trying to keep the system as easy to deal with as possible.


Kevin O'Rourke
ICT Coordinator, National Teachers' Institute, Kaduna, Nigeria
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