[Koha] 3 Bugs Making Librarian's Job a Challenge

Jason Ronallo jronallo at gmail.com
Wed May 30 02:28:58 NZST 2007

Hi, Bo,
Let's see if we can get you back on track some.

On 5/27/07, Bo Schafers <bo at weavebrain.com.au> wrote:
> Sorry to post yet again, but I've been working all afternoon to try and
> make Koha operational for our organisation...Version 2.2.9

What are your other specs? Operating system and version of mysql.
Include those in your messages helps folks get a quicker read on what
might be happening.

> 1. In Cataloging, librarians are:
> A) Unable to edit a biblio's 'item values' and update/save them - the
> stored values are not even loaded into the from fields from the DB
> B) Unable to delete a biblio's 'items'.  Clicking delete, nothing happens.
> 2. In Cataloging, when changing updating values in field 942c
> (itemtypes) in the Marc editor screen it does not update the new value
> in the biblioitems table.

Koha gives you lots of room to configure your system exactly how you
want. It's powerful, but a whole lot of work once you start making
changes from the default. Leave yourself a good bit of time to
completely configure your system.

Be sure to do the MARC check before importing records. It won't catch
everything but will notice the major errors. Any time you make a
change to your framework or the other parameters in the check, run the
MARC check again.

My best advice here would be to carefully follow the guide here:
I skimmed through it once before following it step by step to get an
overview of the whole system. If you run into something particular
that you don't understand,  let the list know specifics and someone
should have an idea how to proceed.

> 3. When Deleting a book from Koha, the Biblio Subtitle (245b) is not
> erased from the subtitle database. When new books are added then the
> subtitles of the other books get all screwed up, Wrong, random subtitles
> for the books. Only solution is command line or phpmyadmin. Spooky!

Thank you for confirming this bug affected someone else. I reported
this bug (1346) and it appears to be fixed in CVS. I applied a patch
to my 2.2.8 based on latest CVS and it now works for me.

> Not sure if I can present such a system to our library workers as yet.
> Bu then I have high hopes that the answers to the above can be found via
> the venerable readers of this list.

Stick with it. Setting things up how you want them takes some time,
but you'll end up with just the system your location needs.

And do continue to report possible bugs. When you report a bug that
helps get something fixed for you, you're also helping the whole Koha

take care,


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