[Koha] What Am I missing?

Bo Schafers bo at weavebrain.com.au
Thu May 24 19:44:36 NZST 2007

Hi again everyone. Thanks for your responses and suggestions.

I've checked (or done) what was suggested:

1. Sites-enabled with koha-httpd.conf  is working well on Apache. The 
ScriptAlias ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/koha/ /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/ AND 
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/koha/ "/usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/" are set 
respectively as per installation procedures.
2. Executing the script from the command line 
(./intranet/cgi-bin/z3950/search.pl) works fine, it displays html output 
- no worries
3. SElinux is set DISABLED via grub's menu.lst - as well as setenforce 
0- duly rebooted and checked. z3950 service restarted.
4. Chowned -R'd and subsequently checked all directories below koha all 
are: www-data/www-data

Unfortunately I STILL have pl files downloading when instigating a z3950 
search, instead of displaying results. The only thing untried now is the 
suggestion by MJ Ray regarding possible changes to Apache2 in Etch.

Another thing.  I noticed that in 'Upload Marc to Resevoir' Koha 
downloads the perl  script only when  the file has incorrect MARC 
formatting, otherwise it works fine. In other words, its an ERROR 
HANDLIN ISSUE: when the scripts fails due to format incompatibility, it  
downloads the file to the user, instead of displaying an error in the 

So ---- PERHAPS this failure of the z3950 function has to do with a 
malformed query/instruction? I've noticed for instance that z3950 works 
somewhat when I set it to the following server):

amicus.collectionscanada.ca   Port: 210

displaying 'nothing found' instead of  downloading search.pl as it does 
with all other servers that I've tried. Hmm....what on earth is going on???


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