[Koha] Install on Mac OS X

Lawrence Bean lbean at u47.k12.me.us
Wed May 23 00:18:05 NZST 2007

Chris Cormack <crc at liblime.com> writes:
>> I have tried to install ZOOM from the NEt-Z3950-Zoom-1.18 - and get  
>> the error message
>> ERROR: Unable to call script: yaz-config
>> If you are using a YAZ installation from the Debian package "yaz", you
>> will also need to install "libyaz-dev" in order to build this module.
>> Yet libyz-dev is a Debian file - and I am not sure how/if I can  
>> install on OS X (10.4.9)

If I recall correctly, there was no YAZ for powerPC/OSX. I believe I had
to download the source code and compile YAZ manually. Again, I'm not
completely sure as this was a while ago.

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