[Koha] Help exporting inventory to excel or access please

Sandra Brook sandrangis at gmail.com
Mon May 21 02:32:58 NZST 2007

Could anyone tell me if there is a way to export records from KOHA 2.2.5 to
excel or access. I am the librarian at a (currently) small K-12 school in
Cairo, Egypt, and am using KOHA 2.2.5 system and my assistant and I are
generally quite happy with the system though we have 2 major problems, the
first is in the inventory and stocktaking function. At the end of each
school year we need to check our inventory, and this must be done manually.
All of our almost 4000 records and 8000 items are added to the KOHA
database... we need a solution to export the essential fields of Title,
Author, Classification, Barcode, and Price to either excel or access. We do
not as yet have a functioning bar code reader so entering each barcode will
be extremely tedious.
The second problem we face is the overdue item reports. We have a MAIN
branch, and GUIDED READING branch, the report only gives the MAIN branch so
so far we have had to manually check each of 300+ members individually! Is
there a solution to this problem. Our IT department is Arabic speaking, if
help can be given in Arabic it would be ideal - though assistance in English
will also be very welcome.

Many thanks in advance

Sandra Brook
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