[Koha] Re: Problems with Koha 2.2.8 and MySQL 4.1

Glen vnwebmail at hotmail.com
Sat May 19 01:12:05 NZST 2007

Kevin O'Rourke <lists at ...> writes:

> Was that a fresh install of Koha, a fresh install of MySQL, or both?
> You shouldn't get that problem on a fresh Koha install, because it will 
> create the tables with the correct field lengths.
> If it's a fresh Koha install followed by a MySQL upgrade then without a 
> backup you've probably irretrievably lost some data.  It's difficult to 
> tell what, somebody who knows more about Koha's database tables and 
> MySQL might be able to help.
> If you didn't have much data in your Koha system then I'd recommend 
> reinstalling it _after_ making sure all your MySQL settings are as you 
> want them.
> Alternatively you may have a slightly different problem from mine but 
> with similar symptoms, if you can maybe describe in detail the steps 
> that got you to where you are now that would help.
> Kevin

It was a completely fresh install of Koha and all its pre-requisites on Windows
XP SP2; followed the directions in the Koha for Windows install guide. 
Everything seemed to install OK with the end result being that I could access
both the OPAC and the Intranet but on the Intranet I have to re-authenticate
every time I try to access a new screen.  Also after entering a patron and
assigning them a username/password with superlibrarian privileges I'm unable to
to login with those credentials to the Intranet.  From your initial description
it sounds like the same/similar problem.  Just don't know how to try and fix it?
Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.


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