[Koha] Problems with Koha 2.2.8 and MySQL 4.1

Kevin O'Rourke lists at caboose.org.uk
Thu May 17 23:13:15 NZST 2007

This morning I decided to try and make sure our Koha would support 
Unicode properly, following the instructions at:

Since upgrading to MySQL 4.1.11 (using the Debian mysql-server-4.1 
package) our Koha installation is behaving very strangely.

   1. On the intranet I have to log in every time I go to a different
      page, each time it shows:

            Login Error

      You are accessing Koha from a different ip address! Please login
   2. Only the 'kohaadmin' user (the MySQL user for Koha) seems to be
      able to log in.
   3. Our NPL templates no longer load the stylesheets (both OPAC and
      intranet).  In the HTML source it seems to be trying to load
      "/opac-tmpl/npl/en/includes/" (the directory the stylesheets are in).
   4. Searching behaves normally and I can see the list of borrowers. 
      It seems that Koha is able to connect to the database with at
      least some success.
   5. There are no errors in the OPAC or Koha error logs.

Does anyone have any suggestions what might have gone wrong?  I have a 
backup of the MySQL 4.0 database, so I can roll back if necessary but 
then I'll lose Unicode support.


Kevin O'Rourke
ICT Coordinator, National Teachers' Institute, Kaduna, Nigeria
062 316972

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