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Stephen Hedges st.hedges at gmail.com
Thu May 17 03:13:51 NZST 2007

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From: Darla Grediagin <dgrediagin at bssd.org>
Date: May 16, 2007 10:57 AM
Subject: Re: [Koha] Re: Koha2.2.7-cannot repeat 650 or 700 fields
To: Stephen Hedges <st.hedges at gmail.com>

Do you type 650 into the box next to the plus sign?  This one stymied me
for a while.


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Stephen Hedges wrote:
> Hi, Melinda -
> I'm copying this reply to the Koha mailing list, since lots of helpful
> people are there who know more about Koha than I do. (And you should
> send your reply to the list, too.)
> First, what version of Koha are you using? And when you say "trouble,"
> is there something specific that is happening? What browser are you
> using? Do other repeatable fields work OK?
> Stephen
> On 5/16/07, Melinda Lyons <melinda_lyons at sil.org> wrote:
>> Dear Stephen,
>> I work for an NGO and am trying out your Koha program. I have found
>> it to be quite useful, but am having trouble getting the repeatable
>> fields 650 and 700 to repeat. Is there something to do to make it work?
>> (When I click on the + symbol next to them, I get a message "Error on
>> page" and no action.)
>> Thanks for your help.
>> Melinda Lyons
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