[Koha] REports How do they work

colmcd at optusnet.com.au colmcd at optusnet.com.au
Fri May 11 17:21:06 NZST 2007

Dear Koha Lists

I am having a slight problem with reports in KOHA. Namely most of the report do not work. In particular NONE of the Wizards work. I have tried adding records doing anything. Any wizard I click on it can not display any data What so EVER!!! This is for Borrowers, Aquisition, Circulation and that last category.

Some reports do work like Most Issueing Borrowers, however many do not!!! 

CAn anyone enlighten me. We are primarily using Koha 2.25 but I have upgraded my testbed to 2.28 and nothing seems to change

PLEAZE reply to jimfor at optusnet.com.au and this address with the Subject KOHA I only get dial up access once a month so it may be hard to find your email.

Also I am sending soon a revision of the Barcode generator. I have done one that can be used with much less librarys and prints accurately (ie 1mm is 1mm not 1px). I also plan on doing a library card module. 


Colin McDermott

Mercy school Yarapos PNG.


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