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Steven F.Baljkas baljkas at mts.net
Thu May 10 09:40:08 NZST 2007

Wednesday, May 9, 2007     16:28 CDT

Hi, Robin,

I am sorry for being rude, but I am very busy just now so this answer is less complete than what I would normally give ...

What you have given us as an example below is NOT true MARC format.

Before the registry, the Leader must be present or the data will not begin to compile properly into a matrix.

There is something wrong with the Leader information in your records as it is almost impossible to have that many zeroes before the 4500 sequence that marks the beginning of the registry.

There should be some blanks and/or possibly letters, something like this, say:
   #####nam||2200|a|4500####<--the numbers of the registry---->####

Also, please note there is usually something odd with ISIS data in that the MARC21 subfields are not being used correctly. For example, in what you provided us as an example, the 245 $b is missing for the subtitle.

I think that someone has written in the past about migrating data from ISIS databases (IIRC there was some kind of transformation needed first).

Have you checked the KohaDocs page at <http://www.kohadocs.org>?
Perhaps there is something helpful there?

I am sorry for not having a full answer or solution for you now. If I have more time tomorrow, I shall think on it further. In the meantime, good luck. Somebody else on the list will surely have something useful to contribute.

Steven F. Baljkas
library tech at large
Koha neophyte
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

From: "robin ros" <linux.robin at gmail.com>
Date: 2007/05/09 Wed PM 12:06:40 CDT
To: koha at lists.katipo.co.nz
Subject: [Koha] what kind of format marc import

Hi everyone,

I have a problem importing from an ISIS database to Koha. When I upload
my ISO file, it gives me the error that ISBN is not present or there is
not MARC format. My database is in MARC21 format, and this is what the
registry looks with the isbn camp [??? present]:

^aCIRMA Bibli2.
^aF 1528 .
M57 1993.
^aMiranda, Roger, 1953-.
^aThe civil war in Nicaragua :
 inside the Sandinistas.
^aNew Brunswick, U.S.A^bTransaction Publishers^c1993
xiv, 308^c24
^aNicaragua--Pol¡tica y gobierno--1979-1990.
s exteriores--1979.
^aOrtega Daniel.
^aLiderazgo pol¡tico--Nicaragua--Historia--
Siglo xx.
^aFrente Sandinista de Liberaci¢n Nacional.

and without isbn it looks like this:

^aCIRMA Bibli2.
^aHQ 792.2 .E88 1995
do mundial de la infancia 1995.
^aNueva York ^bJ & J Asociados ^c1995
^aLa biblioteca tiene: 1995, 1998, 2001.
^aNi?os--Paises en desar
rollo--P£blicaciones peri¢dicas
^aNi?os--Salud e higiene--Paises en desarrollo--
P£blicaciones peri¢dicas
^aNi?os--Asistencia social--P£blicaciones peri¢dicas
Ni?os--Asistencia social--p£blicaciones peri¢dicas
^aNi?os--Asistencia social--E
^aPaise en desarrollo--Estad¡sticas
^aSalud mundial--Estad¡sticas
^aPaises en desarrollo
^aP£blicaciones peri¢dicas
^aSalud e higiene
tencia social
^aSalud mundial.
^a, fcBB, mpc, fc.
a$ 8.00.
^aI-22130 a?o 2001
^aI-22131 a?o 1998

How does the registry have to look to import to koha without error??

Thanks a lot for you help,


P.S. (Sorry [about] my English; I speak Spanish)  <-- no problem, I used to do ESL!
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