[Koha] Re: News of koha 3.0 and poll [important]

Matthew Metzger news at metzger.cc
Fri Jun 8 06:52:04 NZST 2007

Somewhere between 2 and 3.

I'm the system administrator for a small private school and some of the 
bugs in the 2.2.x series have been very frustrating for our librarian. I 
would love to be able upgrade our current system to a polished and easy 
to use Koha 3.0.

This poll was posted several months ago. What is the expected release 
date for 3.0? I've searched a bit on the web and this list, but I 
haven't seen an answer.

thanks for your time,


MJ Ray wrote:
> Now, some among you are waiting for Koha 3.0 with barely-contained
> impatience.  As I've always promised to put the users first, I ask
> your opinion:
> 1- Argh!  We must release Koha 3.0 as soon as possible.  The code
> clean-up concerns you developers alone, so do it afterwards.  And the
> improvement of user interface can wait too.  But I need 3.0's features
> now!
> 2- Damn!  Bad news.  But good, we're working with 2.2 well enough and
> we can wait 3 months more.  But not more than 3 months, even so.
> 3- Pah!  I'm very happy with Koha 2.2.  Koha 3.0 can take another 6
> months to arrive and I won't be unhappy.

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