[Koha] Fw: Can you create reports & compile statistics with koha?

Vaunda dumont16 at shaw.ca
Tue Jul 31 16:21:22 NZST 2007

Hi again,

After reading through some of the Koha documentation, it seems more for large scale libraries. Would this software be suitable for a library as small as 250-500 items? The software would need to be installed on the personal computer of someone with a non library background.

Thank you
Vaunda Dumont

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Subject: Can you create reports & compile statistics with koha?

Hi there,

I am investigating database/possibilities for a small belly dance collection of about 250-500 items which rents out material to continue to build the collection and wanted to confirm if one can use koha to create monthly reports such as:

revenue generated
overdue items with patron contact information
shelf lists to export to patrons (I know regular libraries do not normally provide this to patrons, but since this is a small library...)
number of checkouts by material type
top checkouts for the month by title

I was considering creating an MS Access database, but thought I would look into what is already out there first, for library software. I gather that since you have all the different modules that a regular library has, this would be possible. Am I correct?

Any help is appreciated.

Vaunda Dumont
Library Technician
Prince George, BC

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