[Koha] Koha Installed on Linux Server - Interface Problems

J Rancharan jrancharan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 06:04:38 NZST 2007

Hello Colleagues,

Through a lot of pestering to our IT staff, we finally managed to have them
install KOHA on a server (LINUX) for us. We have been provided with a public
IP address for the system, meaning that I can access the cataloging and OPAC
features from other systems. I noticed one problem though.

The version that is isntalled has the interface of version 2.2. When I check
the ABOUT file in KOHA, it says that it is 2.2.8. Basing it that, I do
firmly believe that we do have the 2.2.8 version, just that the IT people
probably installed it over the 2.2, the version that they were probably
testing some months ago.

I know that you can change the template in the parameters, but so far I have
been unsuccessful. Any directions how to exactly do so would be appreciated.


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