[Koha] VMWARE Image of Koha 2.2.9

Darrell Ulm drdrulm at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 15 17:12:42 NZST 2007


Hey I saw Kyle Hall beat me to setting up a Koha VMWARE Image. I think of 2.2.9.
I tried to start the torrent, but nothing came over, 0 peers. I am not a torrent
expert, but it would seem at least one peer is needed for the torrent. Kyle, if
you can get me this, I can leave a torrent up much of the day. 

I still may do this myself, I was going to try Fedora, it worked before as a
test. I foolishly scrapped the VMWARE image as I was just getting into VMWARE
and I have another install on a real machine. Still, this could be a useful way
to distribute Koha as VMWARE is fairly easy to use. 

Kyle do you have the image!?


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