[Koha] Re: How to change HTML / TMPL path prefix?

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Jul 12 21:30:52 NZST 2007

Maybe we should move this discussion to koha-devel?

Jack Bates <ms419 at freezone.co.uk> wrote:
> [...] Also, before I go
> editing template files for various translations, I assume each
> translation is built from one source file?

I think they're built from the English template and a po file with the
tools in misc/translator.

> I browsed the developer wiki a bit, but haven't yet found instructions
> to build a Koha distribution archive from the source repository
> (presumably this involves compiling localized versions of templates).

In 2.2, it's misc/buildrelease and I don't think it localises templates.

In HEAD, that is in rather a state of flux just now.  It may end up
as "perl Makefile.PL && make dist" but that's not brilliant yet.

> Please find attached the small patch I created so far and my SSH key.
> Can I please have access to clone the 2.2 git repository?

As I understand it, you don't need ssh access to clone it: see
for instructions.  2.2 is the branch origin/rel_2_2

Hope that helps,
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