[Koha] Re: run Koha using MAMP

Matthew Metzger news at metzger.cc
Thu Jul 12 09:18:31 NZST 2007

libropesia wrote:
> hi all,
> Is it any posibility to run Koha using MAMP?, a program for Mac OSX, that allows
> you to manage the website locally (installs in one Apache, MySQL, PHP...), I
> used it to install things like joomla without having a real server, but i get
> lost with Koha. Any hints?
> Thanx

I've lost data (with a different application than koha) when running on 
MAMP. I don't recommend it.

Real server software is worth it, especially since the best is free. 
Debian or Ubuntu server editions are great and there are guides for how 
to install Koha on those system at http://www.kohadocs.org/#sysadmin

I wish you the best with your Koha installation.


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